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Lavender Tea – Recipe and Its Health Benefits!

Chá de Lavanda

Lavender Tea – Recipe and Its Health Benefits that you may not know, but that you will love. Furthermore, the Health Benefits of Lavender Tea include supporting tired muscles, treating insomnia, working as an antiseptic, maintaining cardiovascular health, treating indigestion, fighting inflammation, working as a detoxifier, improving respiratory health, treating acne, treating headache, restore body cells. Next, see: Lavender Tea – Recipe and Its Health Benefits:

Chá de Lavanda
Lavender Tea

The 5 Health Benefits of Lavender Tea:

1. Lavender Tea has Antiseptic Properties:

It is said that the Lavender Tea it is a useful source when it comes to warding off infectious bacteria. Consume Lavender Tea fresh works as an antiseptic and deactivates bacteria that can harm your health.

2. Lavender Tea Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Studies have proven that the Lavender Tea contains zero fat and cholesterol content. Therefore, it is safe to maintain cardiovascular health.

O Lavender Tea It's potent enough to reduce cholesterol and plaque buildup in your arteries. However, do not opt for home remedies without seeking professional advice in this regard.

3. Lavender Tea Treats Indigestion:

Indigestion is said to be a result of stomach irritation in most cases. Lavender Tea can help maintain your digestive system. It contains antispasmodic effect and can relieve intestinal cramps and nausea symptoms efficiently. The consumption of Lavender Tea it also promotes digestive bile, which is what allows your body to absorb nutrients.

4. Lavender Tea is Anti-Inflammatory:

Enriched with polyphenol properties, the Lavender Tea works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It can combat bodily inflammation caused by external or internal factors without harming your overall well-being.

You can also taste some Lavender Tea warm in case of injury to boost the recovery process. However, in a severe case, it is suggested to consult with your primary care physician to rejuvenate damaged cells and tissues.

5. Lavender Tea is Detoxifying:

You need to detoxify your body within weeks to ward off various factors that contribute to harming your health. Nutritionists often recommend opting for a natural source in this context. They suggest that the Lavender Tea It is a powerhouse of antioxidants that are essential for fighting free radicals and oxidative stress.

Lavender Tea Recipe:


  • A tablespoon of dried lavender buds;
  • 2 Cup of water;
  • Honey for flavor (optional).


  • Boil the lavender buds in two cups of water for 10 minutes. Strain, drink fresh lavender tea and enjoy its gentle aroma.