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Horsetail Tea – Benefits and Delicious Recipe!

Chá de Cavalinha

Horsetail Tea – Benefits and Delicious Recipe that you may not know, but that you will love. Furthermore, some of the Health Benefits of Horsetail Tea include its ability to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, increase cognitive function, and alleviate respiratory problems.

Benefícios do Chá de Cavalinha

Horsetail tea it also helps soothe the skin, protect bones and promote oral health. It helps detoxify the body, treat diabetes and promote hair care. Next, see: Horsetail Tea – Benefits and Delicious Recipe:

The 5 Health Benefits of Horsetail Tea:

1. Horsetail Tea Boosts Immunity:

O horsetail tea It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which means the extract can protect against the invasion of foreign pathogens and substances that can compromise our immune system.

This is particularly effective when you are injured or recovering from an illness, as infections can be much more serious when they attack an already weakened immune system.

2. Horsetail Tea Relieves Inflammation:

If you regularly experience painful swelling and inflammation in parts of your body, whether due to injury, arthritis, gout or any other condition, adding horsetail tea or supplements to your health regimen can be of great use.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds found in this herb can quickly alleviate these symptoms and get you back on your feet.

3. Horsetail Tea Strengthens Bones:

Silicon is one of the rarest minerals needed by our bodies and there are few accessible sources in our diet, which is why you often find it in supplement form.

However, the Horsetail Tea It naturally has high concentrations of silicon, which is a key element in protecting bone mineral density and integrity as we age.

If you are at high risk for osteoporosis or already suffering from bone degradation, adding horsetail to your diet is an easy solution to slow the decline and even reverse it in some cases!

4. Horsetail Tea Boosts Cognition:

The antioxidant effects of horsetail tea have been linked to higher cognitive abilities in laboratory studies, likely due to increased efficiency of the neural pathway when free radicals are eliminated from the system.

This means that the horsetail tea Not only is it a brain-boosting herb, it can protect you from cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's disease and dementia as you age.

5. Horsetail Tea Reduces the Risk of Diabetes:

The use horsetail tea to more balanced insulin levels in the body, namely in the rapid reduction of blood sugar, when necessary.

Although this is an effective method of controlling diabetes, it should only be used for a short period of time or when absolutely necessary. It can have long-term impacts if consumed for more than two consecutive months.

Horsetail Tea Recipe:


  • 10 grams of dry plant (2 tablespoons);
  • 1 Liter of filtered water;


  • Bring the water to a boil, then add the leaves to the water and leave for a few seconds, turn off and cover.
  • Let it rest for approximately 10 minutes to infuse to benefit from all the medicinal properties of the plant.