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5 Best types of flower teas and their benefits

Cha de Flores

Find out which are the best types of flower teas and its benefits. In addition, flowers in different countries are valued as a masterpiece of nature, but in addition to their beauty, they are also very useful.

Cha de Flores
Flower Tea

Dried flowers have been used for a long time in different countries of the world for the most useful and delicious drinks.

Also, flowers are used as an additional component with tea. The greatest experience in preparing different types of flower teas It's in China.

Types of flower teas:

tipos de chas de flores
types of flower teas

We present a collection of carefully selected dried flowers, which can be prepared separately or added to tea or herbal mixtures, which will give you good health, excellent immunity and real enjoyment of the taste and aroma of the prepared drink.

mint tea

In ancient times, the British began to drink Mint tea, and for a long time this drink was considered traditional in England.

But today, tea made from mint , likes to drink in different countries. Menthol, which is mint, has a positive effect on the respiratory organs, so this drink is very useful for those who are vocalists.

Jasmine flower tea

Preparation of flower tea using jasmine started in one of the provinces of China.

This tea has a positive effect on the kidneys, it also helps cleanse the liver and, in fact, is a very tasty and fragrant drink.

Traditionally, the jasmine tea It is consumed without adding lemon, honey or sugar, in order to preserve the good flavor of the drink.

Linden flower tea

melhores tipos de chas de flores
best types of flower teas

flower tea lime tree is an effective remedy to eliminate colds. This drink is recommended for use with the addition of honey It is lemon, so that its beneficial properties increase.

Linden tea helps to cope with the flu, has antipyretic properties. It is also recommended to drink lemon as a prophylactic, as it strengthens the immune system.

Hyperic flower tea

St. John's wort tea is very tasty and, in addition, it is also a healthy drink. In its composition there is a substance such as hypericin.

It is a powerful but completely safe antioxidant substance that helps improve blood circulation in capillaries.

If you regularly drink the drink in question, this will be a good prevention of the appearance of mastopathy.

But there are some contraindications to its use. Hypericum tea is prohibited for people with kidney problems.

Furthermore, women in position should abandon its use.

Chamomile flower tea

O Flower teas in chamomile it is consumed more for use than to enjoy its aroma and flavor. This drink is recommended for use with stomach pain, it helps to eliminate them.

Also the chamomile tea It is a good antiseptic, it is advisable to drink it for those who have bleeding gums or a sore throat.

This drink (without added sugar and honey) is recommended for people with diabetes. This helps to improve the well-being of these patients.